Dubai Monument Signages and Building Rooftop Signage

How do we differentiate between rooftop signage and monument signage? and why it is trending in UAE.

Rooftop signs

Rooftop signages are mounted on the roof of a building, while monument signs are ground-level signs that are freestanding and usually made of materials like stone, brick, or concrete. Why roof top signage is very common because such signage is used at the rooftop of a building for visibility from a distance and it is mostly encouraged by property developers for their brand identification. that is why nowadays in Dubai most of the buildings have rooftop signage and even though the same signage is repeated in multiple buildings but it is important because it spreads awareness about any specific brand or property developer or landmark. we see these signages almost on every building in Dubai Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Dubai South, JBR and JLT areas. 

Monument signs

Monument signages are often used to make a strong statement about the prestige of a business, building, or organization, while rooftop signs are typically used for visibility from a distance.

The reason why monument signage is trending, one reason could be that they provide a visually appealing and durable way to display a company's branding or message in a prominent location. Additionally, monument signs can be designed to include a multi-tenant directory or wayfinding guide, which can help visitors find their way to specific businesses or locations within a complex.