Flex Face Signage still preferred for outdoor

Solution for flex face signboards and lightbox

Flex face signages are economical and standard and are mostly preferred by small businesses throughout UAE. Their artwork is easy to change due to the economical flex material digital print. Its print media comes in 3 different sizes. 130 cm, 250 cm, and 500 cm. 

Favorite for outdoor pole signs and hoarding 

Flex face signage systems are commonly used for large outdoor pole signs due to their flexibility, scalability, and vibrant display capabilities. for large hoarding and sizes the print media is joints with stitches or glue to make sure very large printouts come perfect.

The flexible translucent vinyl material used in flex face signs allows them to be fabricated at almost any size while vividly illuminating colors at night and remaining rich and vibrant during the day. Flex face signs are also commonly preferred over traditional signage due to their simplicity in personalization, as businesses can choose from a wide variety of styles and designs. Additionally, flex face signs are a reliable option for brands whose signs must be easily viewed from a great distance, making them a popular choice for storefronts, airports, stadiums and arenas, and public transportation stations.