Experienced reception signage maker in Dubai.

First impression counts, is your reception signage giving a great impression to the customers when they walk in and does it pass the correct information about your business activities?

Every business or organization needs reception signage as it is the first point of contact for guests, clients, and customers. It sets the tone for the rest of their visit, in Dubai welcoming reception signage works as a great branding opportunity and a navigating aid. In big buildings or complexes, where you have different businesses offering services reception or directory signages may make it simple and quick for guests to navigate around.

These signages are mostly made from acrylic cutouts with backlit LED, aluminum powder-coated with backlit LED, and in stainless-steel with the same backlit feature. These can be installed straight onto the wall or installed using some spacers to have extra light from the back of the signage. For better assistance on your requirement give us a call on 055 499 1733 so our experts can assist you better.  

Types of reception signages:

following are the main types of signage used in the reception area. the solutions differ from industry to industry as well as customer needs.

Reception signage made of acrylic

Sometimes customers prefer having an elegant reception sign but cost-effective. Acrylic is the most used material used for making reception signs. It can be with light and without light. The acrylic comes with multiple color options and thickness ranges from 3mm to 12 mm. We prefer these kinds of signage solutions to our customers who don’t want to spend money on their reception area or sometimes they are keeping reception signage for the time being. Reception signs made of acrylic also come with LED illuminations

Reception signage made of stainless steel

Stainless steel signs are very good in appearance and are long-lasting. It also comes with and without lights depending on the customer’s requirements. In some cases we also go PVD coating or electroplating on SS signage letters. We suggest a backlight option for reception signage. You can use it at the building reception area or office reception desk.
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Reception signage made of aluminum

Aluminum-made signage is famous but not for reception areas in some cases where the customer has a big area or hall and wants to place signage at a distance then having an aluminium-made signage is a good choice. It comes with front-lit or backlit options depending on the customer’s requirement. One of the biggest benefits for having aluminum letters 3D signage is that it remains new for years and its easy for maintenance or cleaning. Another benefit is that in powder coating you have a very vast range of color options to which you can choose.as per your brand guidelines.

Reception signage made of wood

Wooden reception letters are mostly without lights but it looks good with the wooden texture. In this wooden panels are cut and joined through experienced carpenters. And then lackering and polishing comes after that.

Reception signage made of stickers

One of the cheapest and quickest solutions for signs is having it made of sticker either digital printed or plotter cutting. 

Reception signage made of neon LEDs

Popular for clubs, sports bars and restaurants, NEON LED sign is ideal for F&B venues. Unlike traditional glass neon this is an easy and economical solution. Easy and quick to make and future maintenance is cheaper. It is safe and long-lasting.