Dental Clinic indoor reception signage

Our respected client Dr. Wajid who is managing the WI dental clinic in Ras al Khaimah needed signage for his dental clinic during our visit we showed him a few samples and we explained to him if we did the signage with gold platting it would have better results for the indoor signage.  

The 3D letter signage is made of stainless steel with 3 cm embossing and a 1 cm white acrylic base for light pass.

We believe that if we do not take care of our customers someone else will. and their positive feedback on our Google page is proof that our customers are long-term and they are happy with our services

Google review for signage

Project status: completed

Completion Time: 5 working days

Items delivered: indoor reception wall signage

Signage Material: signage made of stainless steel mirror finish with actual gold platting with warm white LED illumination from letter edges. the background wall is made of gypsum and wires are fully concealed inside the wall to increase the elegance of the signage.